A00249A Pic1A00249A Pic1

Tear-off sleeveless apron on block
Short 120cm
PE 20my
Art n° A00249 Blue




100 pieces on block
Masterbox 10 blocks *100 = 1000 pieces


  • Single use
  • Protects against splashes & other contaminants
  • Mainly used id. food industry, pharmaceutical industry, cleaning and general industry.
  • Keeps clothes dry & clean underneath.
  • Material:
    • Non-woven LDPE (low density polyethylene) 20 my *Also available in 60 microns.
    • Water resistant: ideal for use in a humid environment.
    • Structured material which reduces sticking.
    • Elastic, which makes tearing less likely.
  • Model with loop over the neck & ribbons around the waist easy to pull out.
  • SHORT model 70×120 cm *Also available in LONG model: 70×150 cm
  • Tear-off on block: holes provided for tear system
  • Colours:
    • A00250A White
    • A00249A Blue * Other colors on request
  • Packaging:
    • Provided with barcode and QR code
    • Info in 27 languages: NL, FR, EN, DE, ES, IT, PT, BG, CS, DA, EL, FI, HU, HR, KK, LT, LV, NO, PL, RO, RU, SK, SL, SR BS, SV, TR & UK




For more technical information, such as certificates, please contact Protect and Care at the general number: 09 321 32 58 or by email at offerte@protectandcare.be.

PF EN A00249A Sleeveless tear apron Short LDPE 20 my Blue