December 2020 / January 2021 via Sint-Barbaracollege Ghent

HABBEKRATS is a colorful youth organization that works all over the country for children and youth from 8 to 18 years old, looking for warmth, friendship, adventure and help.
They have established thirteen warm houses where a total of 2,500 young people a year meet.

In each house there are originally decorated rooms where you can marvel at small and big things. Where you can experience things. In addition, Habbekrats goes on more than 80 days of camp a year with children and young people. Not just any camp, but real adventures where young people excel as heroes.

To top it off, Habbekrats also offers help to young people. We connect young people with each other and with society. This benefits everyone.
Habbekrats increases the attention to children and youth in need and offer quick, professional help.

In short. Habbekrats is a professional youth service that strongly believes in its young people and its purpose. A friend to young people and a partner for youth welfare work.
Habbekrats is a fully autonomous and independent youth service. Supported by the government and powerful private partners. They are recognized by the Ministry of the Flemish Community AND enjoys the High Protection of H.M. Queen Paola.

Website: http://www.habbekrats.be/